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Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense

Being charged or accused of committing a tax violation can change your life severely, especially if you are found guilty of the act. If you are being investigated for such actions, you need to contact a tax fraud defense team who can help you clear your records or fight for a lighter sentence.

Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense tax fraud segment block 300x199 1Defense Tax Partners‘s Minnesota tax fraud defense team is ready to help you if you find yourself in this predicament. With our experience, knowledge, and reputation, we can guide you through the legal process, prepare your defense and fight for your rights before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). No matter how severe the accusations are, we are here to fight for you and negotiate for the best resolution to your case.

If you wish to learn more about our service, we have a free consultation service at any time, and you will be assigned to one of our tax fraud specialists. We can also help you manage your taxes and financial records after the case to prevent the same accusations from being filed against you in the future.

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Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Tax fraud is a very severe federal crime that can lead to both hefty fines and lengthy prison time if the accused is found guilty by the court. If you are accused of committing tax fraud, it is imperative that you work with a reliable Minnesota tax fraud defense team to resolve it.

Both Minnesota tax law and federal tax law have lengthy clauses when it comes to taxpayers committing tax fraud. The wording and slight differences in both tax laws may confuse you if you are unfamiliar with legal jargon. If you suddenly decide on a legal action without proper consideration, you may end up with a more severe penalty that you may not be able to escape from.

Taxpayers tend to shoulder their tax issues on their own because they feel hiring a lawyer is more costly, and they are reluctant to share their financial status with another person. However, if you have a tax fraud defense attorney beside you, they will be able to guide you through the intricacies of tax law and help you build a strong defense that will prove your innocence or reduce the penalties you are facing.

If paying the legal fees is your concern, law firms are happy to adjust their rates to help you out. Defense Tax Partners is one of these law firms if you are in Minnesota.

Your Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

Defense Tax Partners is known for having one of the best Minnesota tax fraud defense teams who can help taxpayers who find themselves accused of tax fraud and other tax violations. Our team is proficient with both state and federal tax law, allowing us to create various legal strategies to resolve your situation to the best of our ability. Our experience will also benefit you because we can adjust the strategy if necessary as the case progresses.

Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense Depositphotos 22872930 original 1024x683 1 300x200We can tackle any type of tax fraud case given to us, no matter how serious it may be. Whether it is getting accused of avoiding tax payments or alleged falsified tax documents, we can look into the case and defend your side passionately in court.

Our tax fraud defense service isn’t only focused on helping you during the court proceedings. We can also help you manage your tax obligations better, as well as assist you with your other tax concerns. Simply let us know what tax legal support you are looking for, and one of our tax lawyers will be with you to assist.

Free Consultation Today

Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense defense tax partners logo 300x65Being accused of committing tax fraud and other tax violations is not something you should take lightly because of the legal implications it may inflict on your life. If you are found guilty, it will be a black mark on your record, disabling you from getting your needed financial services and benefits from the government.

Let our Minnesota tax law firm help you clear your financial record and fight for your rights. We will help you understand your situation better through legal advice and resources which can help you make the right legal decisions. If the case is not going in your favor, we will do our very best to reduce the penalties or get it dismissed.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (612) 662-0844 for your Free Consultation with a Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense attorney!