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Minnesota Tax Relief

For some Americans and immigrants who are currently earning, it can be tough to save some money to pay taxes. The money could be used for something more important, like food, shelter, and bills, but it is a responsibility they must adhere to regardless of the circumstances they are in unless they wish to be in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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If you are worried about getting the IRS on your trail because you have problems paying off your taxes, you don’t need to worry. The government does offer tax relief programs for taxpayers experiencing harsh circumstances that prevent them from paying their taxes on time or in full.

For your Minnesota tax relief questions, and if you wish to apply for the right one, you can trust Defense Tax Partners to assist. Defense Tax Partners is a reliable Minnesota tax law firm that can look into your tax situation and identify the best tax relief program offered by either the federal or state government that suits your needs. We can also assist you in preparing the right documents and represent you during the negotiations to get the tax relief program you need.

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How to Get Tax Relief

Contrary to popular belief, there are many tax relief programs available at both the federal and state levels to help Americans who cannot pay their tax liabilities for legal reasons. In Minnesota, tax relief is determined by Minnesota’s tax law and handled by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. The department has the full list of tax relief programs available for people to avail themselves of, and they can also assist with the applications.

Minnesota Tax Relief tax levy segment block 300x199Here are the common types of tax relief that you can expect from the state or federal level:

1. Tax deductions – You can avail yourself of this tax relief for home mortgage interests and certain types of income that the government sees as taxable.
2. Tax credit – This tax relief is an incentive the government gives for certain expenses that are beneficial for all.
3. Tax exclusions – Certain types of income, like insurance payouts and those that are tax-free, are considered tax exclusions, which means you can exclude them from your tax returns.
4. Tax debt forgiveness– If you are unable to pay your tax debt for any valid reason, you may opt for a tax debt forgiveness plan. You can speak to the IRS for this tax relief option and avail it through their Fresh Start Program. The program allows taxpayers to get a payment plan that works for their financial situation and have no harsh penalties.

Considering the different tax relief programs available and the situation of each taxpayer who needs them, it can be very difficult to pick the best one. At Defense Tax Partners, we can help you look into the available tax relief programs offered by both the government and the state and help you decide which one to pick.

Credible Minnesota Tax Relief Professionals

Taxes must be done carefully because of the legal implications any tax violations come with. The more severe the violations are, the tougher the legal implications are. If you are not familiar with the terminology, you may end up complicating your situation further.

Tax AttorneysWith the help of a professional Minnesota tax relief team like us at Defense Tax Partners, you will be able to learn more about the available options for tax relief and know how to apply for the best one. Our team will educate you with the right resources so you can make informed decisions. We have successfully assisted thousands of satisfied clients with their tax relief problems, and they can confirm that the services we provide are personalized to suit their needs perfectly.

Aside from tax relief, we also help clients with other tax-related issues, no matter how severe they may be. Let us know about your situation through our free consultation service, and we’ll assess the situation before creating a plan to resolve it.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Getting one of the Minnesota tax relief programs applied to your financial situation is not difficult if you get the right support to secure them. At Defense Tax Partners, it is our goal to make the process smoother and assist you in any way we can to acquire these relief programs to lessen the load on your finances.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We want you to be confident with your finances, and if you need legal assistance, we are here to help.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (612) 662-0844 for your Free Consultation with a Minnesota Tax Relief expert!