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Clarissa Tax Levy Lawyer

For taxpayers who are unable to pay their taxes, they may face a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” from the IRS, which indicates they will enact legal steps to get you to pay by seizing your property, salary, and even savings, and using it if you fail to still pay your tax liabilities at a given timeframe. When this happens, you may be left with nothing to your name and face more legal problems.

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Defense Tax Partners is a reliable and trusted Clarissa tax law firm you can contact if you received this notice from the IRS and allow us to sort out the issue directly with the IRS. Our lawyers will make sure that you don’t feel stressed during the legal process and educate you as we negotiate with the IRS to stop the levy order from proceeding.

We guarantee that we will use our expertise and experience to fight for the best possible outcome of your situation, allowing you to pay your tax debt despite your financial situation and preventing a levy from collecting your properties. If you have other tax issues, you can ask our team, and we’ll provide you with the legal support you need to get them resolved.

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What is a Tax Levy?

A tax levy can be considered the final legal action the IRS can take to get a taxpayer to pay their tax debt. While some may see this action as unjust, it is within the IRS’s rights to proceed to this step if the taxpayer has consistently ignored calls to pay their taxes.

If you are facing a tax levy because you are unable to pay off your tax liabilities, don’t hesitate to request a Clarissa tax levy lawyer from our team at Defense Tax Partners. We can closely assist you in resolving these tax levies without putting your properties and finances at further risk.

Here are the tax levies we can help you with:

Bank Levies

A bank levy is the most common tax levy imposed by the IRS on taxpayers who have yet to pay their overdue taxes. Once it is ordered, the IRS will ask your bank to freeze your accounts for 21 days to serve as collateral until you pay off your debts. During the time your account is frozen, you will not be able to touch that account until you pay your taxes to the IRS.

If payment is not made, the IRS will collect what you owe them from your bank account.

Property Seizure

One of the most common tax levies used by the IRS is property seizures. In this levy, the IRS will get your properties, especially those of high value, and sell them if you fail to pay your taxes at the given deadline cited in the levy.

Reduced Tax Refunds

The IRS may also look into the tax refunds you are approved to receive from the state and use it as payment for your taxes.

Wage Garnishment

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The IRS can also reach out to your employers to enforce a wage garnishment on your current salary to get your taxes paid. A set amount will be deducted automatically on your salary and sent to the IRS, and it will continue until you pay your tax debt.

Wage garnishment can be severe for independent contractors and business owners. The IRS may take your entire earnings for wage garnishment, which can be bad for your other expenses.

Your assigned Clarissa tax levy lawyer will look into your tax situation and enact the best legal strategy available to get your taxes paid to the IRS.

Preventing a Tax Levy

If you don’t want to get a “Final Notice of Tax Levy” from the IRS, it is crucial that you sort out your taxes properly, pay on time and pay them in full.

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If you have issues with the IRS, you should immediately reach out to them to negotiate a payment term that will allow you to pay your tax debt without affecting your financial capacity.

Our Clarissa tax levy lawyers can reach out to the IRS on your behalf and negotiate with them to allow staggered or installment payment terms for your tax liabilities. We will help you prepare the documents for the IRS to consider your request and inform you about the best tax levy relief strategy for your situation.

Professional Legal Representation

Defense Tax Partners is a trusted Clarissa tax firm that offers a full service for any client experiencing any type of tax concerns regardless of their difficulty or severity. Our team is proficient with both federal and state tax law, and we are also experienced in working with the IRS and various financial institutions. We guarantee that our service will reduce the pressure you are feeling because of these tax woes.

Our team of tax lawyers is ready to help you with the following:

1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Audit Representation
5. Penalty Abatement
6. Passport Reinstatement
7. Innocent Spouse
8. Wage Garnishment Removal
9. Offer in Compromise
10. Bank Levy Removal

When you reach out to Defense Tax Partners, you are assured that the service we will provide you is personalized to match your situation. You are in good hands when you contact us for our services.

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It is our goal to help each taxpayer understand state and federal tax law and provide the right legal support to resolve any tax issue they may have. Let us know what is currently troubling you, and we will give all our effort to get the best resolution to your case.

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